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Antique Solid Wood Flooring

Rustic hardwood flooring cut from solid reclaimed wood.  It's beautiful, economical, and environmentally friendly. Our solid wood flooring is 100% milled from reclaimed material from Canada and the United states dating back 200 years. From milling down old growth timbers that stood the test of time In century barns to keeping the original face of an old barn floor plank. Our team at Timbercraft will ensure you have the most beautiful century wood that tells a story. All of our flooring comes ¾” thick, tongue and groove, stress relieved on the underside, unfinished, and ready to install. Flooring is custom milled and comes 3-9” wide and 3-14’ long. Our main species include Elm, Ash, Beech, Maple, Oak, Hemlock, and Pine. Order smooth face, circle sawn, or original face to give warmth and beauty to any room.

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