Local Breweries Feature Timbercraft Co.

There has been several new breweries that have or will be opening the Summer of 2017 in the Windsor-Essex County Area. So far, two of them have utilized wonderful reclaimed material from your very own, Timbercraft Co.

Materials that have been used vary depending on the specific colour and style of the brewhouse, but range from grey barn board, to red barn board, to beams and even reclaimed bricks!

The two breweries that feature Timbercraft Co material are:

1. The Grove Brewery in Kingsville, Ont

Address: 12 Main St East Kingsville, Ont

2. GL Heritage Brewing Co. in Amherstburg, Ont

Address: 8728 Howard Avenue, Amherstburg, Ont

Take a stroll (either physically or electronically through the above links) and see for yourself! Material has been purchased for accent walls, and table tops.

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