Utilizing ingenuity, practicality and strength from both horsepower and manpower. Each demolition is strategically conducted to reclaim all materials. Timbercraft serves all of southwestern Ontario. Please call for booking.



100% of all Barn Board materials are reclaimed from Ontario Barns. The remarkable pieces have been hand cut and hand hewn by strong pioneers themselves. Types of wood vary from pine, hemlock, douglas fir, oak, etc. depending on location and age of barn. Barn board materials include: grey board, red board, brown board, threshing floor board, beams, braces, etc. Please call for pricing.



All TIMBERCRAFT flooring is crafted from Ontario barn board that is cut, cleaned and milled, ready for installation. Flooring includes oak, hemlock, pine, ash, and douglas fir. 


Furnishings  are handcrafted from 100% Ontario Reclaimed Barn Wood. Each piece is unique and custom, creating a wonderful accent to your room or home. With 20 years of experience in woodworking, the furniture comes with great craftsmanship and integrity.


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March 12, 2019

Timbercraft Co. is hitting off the end of Winter with some great furnishings up for sale. Please call 519-819-2319 for inquiries. 

2019 - Busier than the Bees

January 22, 2019

Happy 2019 to all! Timbercraft Co. has done it again with another year under the belts, and more work to be completed! 

Much excitement has been built up for this year, including more focus on furnishings! Please call for Tables, Coffee Tables and other items. 

Stock wood ready for shipment to the furthest corners of North America! 

Wholesalers and Contractors Inquire

November 30, 2018

Timbercraft Co. is excited for new opportunities with wholesalers and contractors alike. Please inquire and contact us for the up and coming 2019 year. 

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TIMBERCRAFT is a family owned business operating in Southwestern Ontario, specializing in Barn Demolition, Barn Board reclaiming and reselling, Barn Board flooring and custom Barn Board furniture.  


In an ever changing and fast pace world, craftmanship and quality work becomes seemingly harder and harder to come by. What ever happened to a quality product? What about a wholesome quality resource? We have become a throw away society, and have followed the so called norm in doing so. With country roots, strong work ethics and family values, these three brothers have went "against the grain" to reclaim and restore a wonderful heritage.  From what once blanketed our homeland, to then holding our grains and livestock, these timber beams have an amazing history that can continue down through generations.


De-nailing, de-bugging, drying and cutting continue the restoration process allowing for a beautiful wholesome wood product. So why stop there? TIMBERCRAFT utilizes this wonderful old growth timber to create amazing works of art. With carpenters with over 20 years experience, the quality continues down the line from the first pioneers that felled the wood. Seeing the total process of an old delapotated barn be restored into an amazing harvest table that the family can use is a beautiful experience.


Reclaim and Restore is what we do... We reclaim original.  




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O'ndray Klomp - Timbercraftco, Reclaimed Wood, Barn Baord, Kitchener, Windsor
MANAGER (Windsor)
Barn Demo/Barn Board

Ph: 519.819.1936

Samuel Klomp - Timbercraftco, Barn Board, Reclaimed Wood, Windsor, Kitchener

Ph: 519.819.2319

Carl Klomp - Timbercraftco, Reclaimed Wood, Barn Board, Windsor, Kitchener
MANAGER (KW - Listowel)
Barn Demo/Barn Board

Ph: 519.998.5004




GTA/K-W:   519.998.5004

Windsor:   519.819.1936

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